Tuesday, July 25, 2006

As people in a well developed country we are responsible to help thoose in need. I ask that if even just once in your life you have a chance to help somebody in need to help. If everybody were to help jsut one person then the world would be on step ahead. This little gesture of helping one person out can mean the world to that person. You may be just helping somebody out but you also may be jsut saving someone.


Blogger Tih said...

the concern of humanism necessarilly calls for equality amongst men since our main aim is maximun achievement and total fulfillment of each individual. in order to achieve this goal each community and the world at large has to make every efforts to eliminate all sorts of differences which contradicts the principle of equality thereby instaling the spirit of equalism in every individual, encourage participation ...

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Blogger Damion Cappleman said...

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